1. This PSA was very effective. The imagery and words were very useful in this message. The purpose of this message was to inform the many life-threatening dangers of texting and driving. They used SFX makeup to express the harmful effects that can be caused when you text and drive.

2. This PSA is to inform viewers about rape. It misguides the audience by placing a couple who are walking in public and a girl alone on her phone while a guy watches her in the background. Now at this point, many would believe the woman on her cell phone would be brought into a dark alley and get raped, but then the video shows the couple going into a car garage when the boyfriend pushes the girlfriend into a van and rapes her. This PSA is to let the audience know that three in four times of rape, the rapist, and the victim are acquainted. This is useful because it lets the viewers understand no matter how well you think you know someone, they can hurt you. 

High School Diploma's

1. Those who graduate with a high school diploma or higher are usually more confident and have a higher sense of self-esteem. If you don't earn your high school diploma, you might struggle with having a good self-esteem, which could have a negative impact on family and work relationships. 

2. If almost a million students did not receive their high school diplomas, the unemployment rate would increase because there would be no one who is applicable to work in higher educated workplaces. That could lead to hospitals, law offices, and political offices becoming scarce with workers.

3. Some problems that schools and communities could endure from the lack of freshmen graduating on time is schools could lose funding for not having a good amount of students graduating. That could affect the entire school and community by forcing families to move their kids out of the school district, leaving that town abandoned. Schools can improve the number of students that graduate on time by creating m…

Grades Aren't As Important As They Seem?

1. Grit is the motivation to work and do your best. It's needed in life for you to be able to become successful and confident in the workforce and in yourself overall. I agree with the "entitled" child culture, who believe they're already at their best and do not need to work any harder than they already are. That leads to becoming spoiled and lazy. Then when those kids graduate from college, they believe that they deserve the highest paying job because of their grades, when a generation ago understood that they'd get hired at a low paying job to gain experience.

2. Gradual progress and consistency build character in a person. They'll most likely come off as cool and collected, rather than stress over a project or task that they waited until the last minute to do. I'm guilty of being the type of person who crams everything in at the last minute. I have gotten better at consistently doing work, which makes me feel very confident and motivated because I'…

Military Schools

1. I believe the reason for the 27% increase in enrollments is the article states that the school was originally run by a private operation and transformed into a military academy, which greatly increased the amount of low-income students to enroll into the school. "French visited the Oakland Military Institute, a charter started in 2001 by then-Mayor Jerry Brown. Impressed, she sought to replicate the program, which boasts a 95 percent college attendance rate for its graduates." 

2. The purpose of this article is to educate the reader of the transformation that the school endured. It went from a charter school to a military based school. It also explained what happens in military schools and how students act differently towards their peers in a positive manner.

3. Developing student responsibilities is very important for behavioral and social skills. The majority of skills that you learn in school will greatly help you when you're graduated. If you learn how to speak in f…

TED Talk 2/13

1. This TED Talk relates to our last unit because it talks about the advertisement of Air Jordans, and how one certain pair started the take off of the Nike company. It also gives an argument about how sneakers are a great investment for everyone. Josh gives great details and reasons about why sneakers are so important.

2. The two markets that Josh talks about are the Secondary market and Retail market. 

3. If there was a "Stock Market of Things", I would collect makeup. I have always loved makeup, it's my passion. I love doing makeup because when I get super anxious or sad, I use it as a coping mechanism.

Sequence and Order

The link that I chose for last weeks blog is a "how-to" guide for people to learn how to create a smokey eye. A "how-to" is a step by step video/list for the audience to be able to learn instructions.

The non-fiction text structure of the article is sequence and order. I picked that text structure because it gives steps on how to achieve the look in a first, next and last order. I believe it's a sequence and order article because makeup is done in steps and you have to follow the steps the exact way or else you won't get the final product the way you wanted it. 

Self driving cars are the most interesting topic to me. It seems like a very cool concept that would change the automobile industry big time. It could also make or break companies who decide to produce driverless cars. The cars could be 100% immune to bugs that mess up the steering and braking systems and lower the amount of car accidents, or be prone to messing up and causing more frequent crashes. I…

Social Media

1. When colleges or trade schools look into students' social media pages, I feel it's appropriate to decide whether or not students will get accepted because of what they post on their social media accounts. If you're going to present yourself in a bad manner where anyone can see you, you won't be a very good candidate to positively advertise your university. 

2. I agree. Social media has a big impact on teenagers. Since it's over a screen, teens can lie about almost everything. They can lie about age, where they live, who they hang out with, and how they act in real life. Kids gain more confidence over the internet since there's no real confrontation involved. That's why cyber bullying is such a big ongoing issue.

3. High school teaches you that there are rules and consequences in real life, especially in the job force. Just because you're "grown", does not mean what you post doesn't matter. It shows how you express yourself to others, and …