Monday, January 9, 2017

TED Talks

1. Frederick the Great changed the perceived value of the potato in Prussia by re-branding it. Many people believed potatoes were useless and repulsive. He changed the potato value by starting an underground potato growing operation. Many people caught on that if potatoes are to be guarded, that they're worth stealing. The value of the potato got to the point where some were executed for not growing them. Ataturk used perceived value to discourage women from wearing a veil if they were prostitutes. Rory compares the prostitutes wearing veils, to making all child molesters drive Porsches'. It's a way to weed out a certain group of people from others.

2. The train ride to France is perceived change. France spends tons of money to make the train ride forty minutes shorter, then people complain the train is too fast and wants the trains speed to slow down. So, the train ride ends up taking the same amount of time that it did before the railroad change. They perceive the ride to be shorter by using supermodels to make the train ride more enjoyable. The supermodels will take people's minds off of how fast the train is actually going. This theory reminds me of the quote, 
"Time flies when you're having fun".

3. It's easier to change people's perspective on certain topics rather than changing something altogether because depending on what people want to be changed, it could save a lot of money and time. For instance, instead of spending $6 billion on decreasing the train ride in France, they used supermodels to entertain people while they rode the train. It's used as a way to distract the riders from how long the ride actually is. Personally, I think it's a sneaky way to solve problems, but as long as everyone's happy there shouldn't be a problem.

This link is the TED Talk I just viewed: 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


1. When polls and surveys are cited in a study, I don't feel as if they're reliable. The whole purpose of doing surveys and polls is to persuade others to believe in your way of thinking. Polls and surveys are usually opinionated and biased instead of being factual. Then when people use them in a study, it's not very reliable.

2. The biggest struggle that I've had to deal with is understanding the values of the ads. It hasn't clicked yet, which makes me upset because it never takes this long for me to understand a topic. This unit isn't difficult either, it's easy actually. Hopefully, with a few hours of studying the notes, I might be able to get a hang of the ads.

3. The ad that I used has alliteration to hook the reader. Personally, I believe the reason they used alliteration is to catch the readers eye. One of the values it uses is the badge value. If you buy this wallet you'll be better than people who don't own it. It also uses messaging value to make people more concious of what they have, or what they don't have. 

Friday, December 9, 2016


1. It's very important to support an argument with data and facts because it adds validity and truth to your claim. It isn't only embarrassing, but it's frustrating when you get caught in an argument without any information to back it up. If you're in a debate class, you cannot get anywhere in an argument if you don't have data to back up the point you're trying to prove. 

2. It would be very helpful in an argument to have more than one claim to back up your evidence. The reason being is the more facts you have about your argument, the more you have to offer to researchers and advertising firms. If you only state one or two facts about your argument, that doesn't always catch somebody's attention over a topic.

3. My audience is my fellow peers. Teenagers lives are influenced by what they see on TV and social media. Advertisements are everywhere, and since many teenagers are manipulated so easily, I feel as if I can explain to my peers why my two hooks are the best, and make them believe so.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What Influences My Choices?

1. The perceived value is badging value. It is badging value because it talks about luxurious items, which could elevate a person's social status if they were to own a yacht. Badging value is when a person sees themselves higher than another because of owned items. 

2. Personally, I believe the unfinished claim would make the biggest impact on my buying choices. I always review items that I want and see what this has and what this one doesn't have. For example, I'll look at the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 6s Plus. I'll look at the specs of each product to see which one is "better". I want the best of the best! 

3. Many marketing companies would use messaging value over branding value because so many people are socially conscious; consciousness shared by individuals within a society. What they're trying to appeal to people, is how you can be just like everyone else if you buy this product. In today's society, people can't be different from others, it's unacceptable. So that's where these popular businesses, such as Apple, Hollister, and Victoria's Secret, come hand in hand to get people to buy the "cool" stuff. If you're like me, you'd just shop at Walmart and Meijer because their clothes are a steal, cute and cheap. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

True Love?

1. The love that Romeo and Juliet shared, wasn't true love. It was a selfish love. Romeo found Juliet attractive, he lusted for her. Juliet, only being thirteen, had no idea how to handle feelings similar to love. Her hormones were out of control, so how could she decipher romantic love for true, realistic love. She was in love with the thought of being loved

2. Personally, true/compassionate love is the greatest, but also the worst type of love. It's when you share a soul with another person. You want what's best for your partner, and sometimes you cannot be the best. It's the love that feels the best and hurts the worst. You feel crappy when someone uses you for pleasure and then leaves, but you feel broken when your other half decides they don't want you anymore. Love is a mysterious thing, but someday I hope I can be fully and truly in love with someone. I'm willing to take the risk of ruining myself for another person.

3. Juliet is able to handle her emotions a tad bit better than Romeo. At first, she goes head first into a relationship with him, but she also knows when things are getting out of control and how to handle them better than Romeo. Truly they're both irresponsible with their feelings, but one eventually falls in true love with the other, which leads to personal sacrifices for the other partner.   

Here's a link to read about true love.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1. Both Romeo and Juliet's families ignored the "Proclamations of the Prince of Verona", which was an obstacle for Romeo. This led to him getting exiled from the land. The prince also threatened that if Romeo were to return to the land, he would be executed.

2. The story fits into the category of a tragedy since both Romeo and Juliet are of higher dignity, they made unforgivable mistakes. For instance, they married very early in their "relationship", and they also committed suicide, which brought them to lower standards. Personally, I believe it's a tragic story because they were not able to live happily ever after like all love stories should end.

3. Theaters in the time of Shakespeare are much different than theaters today. Shakespeare would hold plays in large theaters, sometimes closed off. Some of the theaters had partially open roofs. When plays had the use of cannons, the cannons would sometimes catch the buildings on fire. Usually, they would let the theaters burn down completely because of the water shortage. Also, when the actors were supposedly bad, many people from the audience would jeer and cause a scene. Others would drink and eat together happily.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


1. The usual time I go to bed is around 10:30-11:00. Sometimes it's earlier on the days I don't have games, but every other day I have practice 4:30-7:00. After practice, I go home and eat then hang out with my family. Once I'm done socializing I take a shower which is approximately 20 minutes. Finally, I get into bed and work on my homework until 9:30. Then I play on my phone for a little bit until 10:00. I toss and turn for an hour until I fall asleep. It's so hard for me to go to bed before 10:00.

2. Many schools start between 7:00-8:00. Mine starts at 7:30. I think it's way too early. Teenagers bodies are much different than adults, we go to bed late and wake up late, it's just how we work! So forcing us to go to sleep early, which is really hard alone, but put in studying and sports, it's almost impossible. And to have to choose between sports and studying is a real struggle. You may think the obvious answer is studying, but that’s not always what kids pick. I don’t always pick studying. I rather stay after school to get ready for practice instead of using my time to get homework done.

3. Sleep is so important, yet many Americans fall short on the scale of sleeping 8 hours every night. The longest nights I sleep are 8 hours. When I don’t go to bed early which is almost every night, I get only 6-7 hours of sleep. My body needs at least 9 or 10 hours, but I can never get that many. I’m a growing athlete, I NEED sleep. It’s not just being tired that is the problem, there are many side effects to waking up too early. lead to bad memory, being hostile towards other, and falling behind academically. Teenagers brains don’t work as productively as they could later in the day, and it’s been proven.